Let’s start with a little about what brought me to finally be brave enough to put my thoughts out to the world…

I want to be a great person, mother, wife, daughter, neighbour, friend and pursue my various passions.  However, it’s become pretty clear to me that I can’t achieve this unless I find balance and contentment in my own life.

I have 2 children, a boy 14 and a girl 11.  I’m married to a great guy.  I have experience as a working mother, struggling to pay the mortgage, pregnant and dropping off a crying toddler to childcare, then a full time homemaker with young children, and now a mother who has returned to the workforce after a long break.

I think back to “I Don’t Know How She Does It” moments, like trying to glue a ruined birthday cake together with icing at 10pm at night before hooking up to a call from Hong Kong and getting in a few hours sleep before my toddler would wake way before sun up. I played tag teams with my husband who was working long hours building an internet start up. Juggling work, toddler, a troublesome pregnancy, a judgemental boss, managing a great team of girls and wishing and hoping that my husband’s dream that he and his partners had worked relentlessly on for years would come to fruition.

10 days before my second child came into the world, life changed.  My husband’s business sold, I resigned from the company I was managing and became a “stay at home mum”.  A new life of full-time attention to my home and family came with its rewards and its challenges.  After 10 years of school drop offs, bouts as class mum, soccer team manager,  fundraising organiser, and diving into the world of visual arts, it occurred to me that it was time to head back into the workforce. But what to do?  The world had changed a lot in 10 years…and so had I.  If I was going to do something that I enjoyed and felt respected in, I would need to think long and hard about what I wanted to be when I grew up!

After a long and sometimes difficult period of searching and studying, I entered back into the workforce in the role of UX Designer.  At the same time, my husband has embarked on an exciting new business venture that consumes a large amount of his time and energy. My children are growing up quickly and need me.   As well as all that, I need to stay healthy, I need my friends, I want to spend time with my extended family, and I love to pick up a paintbrush every now and then…that’s not to mention the  household chores we need to do each day.  So, how do we fit it all in? How should we prioritise? How do we ensure we fill our hours so that we are as happy and content as possible?

I look around me and see women approaching life in their own, unique ways. Doing their best to find fulfilment and balance within their personal constraints.  As I search for my own unique formula for a balanced life, I listen to the women around me and share with you my thoughts and hope that you are inspired to make positive changes.


2 thoughts on “ Contributor”

  1. Such a great read Carmel. This is going to build into an interesting useful blog for so many people. Very proud of you xx


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