Slow down! It’s your choice to be so busy!

We all have at least one (or more) friends who, no matter when you run into them, they almost always tell you how “busy” they are. I know I have been guilty of this myself…”Oh, I don’t know where the time goes!” I say as I start to rattle off the long list of things that seem to be taking up my time at any given moment. Often, if we are honest with ourselves, this state of “busy-ness” is self imposed. Whether it’s driven by demands from those around you, your own FOMO, or your simple inability to prioritise, the fact is, it’s your choice how you spend your time.

It’s important to be honest with ourselves and ask whether our commitment to one specific area of our life is throwing us off balance? Are you spending hours on end driving your children from one activity to the next but neglecting your own fitness? Maybe you are spending too much time keeping social media up to date, but not enough time actually spending quality time face to face with friends?  The list can be endless…

It can be difficult to get our priorities right. Health. Family. Fitness.Career.  We can be pulled in so many directions and they all seem so important.  How do we work out what we should be prioritising?  At any given moment, you could find that your children are going through a rough patch and you need to prioritise your time with them, or you may suddenly realise your health has been neglected for too long and you need to take steps to improve food and exercise, or maybe your work situation is bringing you down and you realise it’s time to make some changes. We only have 24 hours in each day, how do we make it all work?!

I recently came across a blog by that I find extremely helpful. It highlights the importance of being present in what we do and prioritising close family and friends along with many other helpful tips on how to decide at any given moment what is truly important in our lives. My personality will often make it difficult for me to relax and enjoy the moment. I find myself constantly trying to get the most out of every situation. This of course can be an asset, but it can also stop me from being present and focused. Does this happen to you too? Do you often feel out of balance and that you are being pulled in too many directions?

In a busy world, it’s not always easy to slow down, take a step back and look at your life as a whole. However, it’s important that we recognise that aligning our priorities with what is truly important to us will have a direct effect in whether we are happy or not.

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