How to collect experiences not souvenirs on your next holiday

My husband and I made a deal years ago that when we travel we will focus on experiences rather than simply set out to tick off a list of famous sights. This decision has resulted in us forming some amazing memories and our kids learning so much more about local food and culture than they would simply rushing from one tourist attraction to the next.

Rather than hop in a gondola and be guided through the canals of Venice, we spent the morning learning to actually row a gondola followed by lunch at venues frequented by locals, way off the well-beaten tourist track. In Tokyo, we dressed as Ninjas, and not only learned about Japanese history, but also had a lot of fun throwing Ninja weapons and spending time with a real Ninja.  We could have simply sat whilst someone else took us for a ride in a dog sled, but it was far more exhilarating steering our own team of huskies on narrow, snow filled tracks bordering the dramatic cliff faces of Northern Italy.

Of course when visiting Paris, we saw the Eiffel Tower.  However, when you ask our kids about that day, they will tell you about the amazing Nutella crepes from the food truck in the park or the unique degustation experience at Le Jules Verne Grande. Being quite young, they didn’t always appreciate the fountains or cathedrals in Italy, but loved learning to cook squid ink risotto and spending the day riding bikes in the sunshine on top of the walls of Lucca.

These, along with so many more amazing experiences, have turned our holidays into adventures and have opened our eyes to other cultures.  We have learned so much and I would love to share these experiences with you via my blog in the hope that you may be inspired to try something completely new on your future travels.  My own hunger for travel is one that will never be satiated as there is always something new and exciting on offer, so please share your amazing stories so that we all may enjoy and be inspired by them.

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