Show your friends how valued they are…

I hate not being included. I know I should be more mature about it, but I have to admit, I get a little hurt when I hear a group of people I am close with are catching up and I haven’t been invited.  Knowing how this feels and loving so many friends’ company, I regularly plead guilty to inviting way too many people to dinner or drinks in the hope that I haven’t forgotten anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings.  The fact is though, this is not always the best way to treat your friends. Quality vs. quantity is really what we need most of the time.

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The Easy Way or the Right Way?

I asked myself this question today when faced with a seemingly mundane decision. Do I take the easy way, or the right way?

I used to think that being a strong woman meant always making a stand when you felt something was wrong. I now ask myself, is the strong woman the one who confronts the issue head on, or the one who is also strong enough to walk away? Continue reading The Easy Way or the Right Way? Contributor

Let’s start with a little about what brought me to finally be brave enough to put my thoughts out to the world…

I want to be a great person, mother, wife, daughter, neighbour, friend and pursue my various passions.  However, it’s become pretty clear to me that I can’t achieve this unless I find balance and contentment in my own life.

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What is is a blog about women finding balance their own, unique way. My aim for this blog is to listen to stories of women finding balance their way, share them with you and hope that we are all inspired to make changes that will lead us to the feeling of self worth and value that is so important, not only for ourselves, but for those we spend our lives with.

It can be a challenge adjusting to a life of balancing work, family, social, hobbies and health needs and this is where this blog was born. After speaking with a large network, it became clear that when women aren’t happy within themselves, they may be inclined to knock others down. When women are happy in their lives, they are willing and able to lift others up.

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