The Easy Way or the Right Way?

We face decisions every day and we get to choose the easy way, or the right way – more often than not, they are not the same path.

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I strive to be a great individual, mother, wife, daughter, neighbour,friend and UX Designer. I have experience as a working mother, struggling to pay the mortgage, pregnant and dropping off a crying toddler to childcare, then a full time homemaker with young children and now a woman who has returned to the workforce after a long break. I ask myself, how is anyone supposed to fit it all in? How should we prioritise? How do we ensure we fill our hours so we are as fulfilled as possible? I look around me and see women approaching life in their own, unique ways. Doing their best to find balance within their personal constraints. As I search for my own unique formula for a balanced life, I listen to the women around me and share with you my thoughts and hope that you are inspired to make positive changes.

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What is is a blog about women finding balance their own, unique way. I feature stories of how women have overcome their personal challenges. I blend their stories with my own experiences and observations. My goal is to encourage empathy and I believe that there is no one “ right” way to live your life. We all have choices and I hope that may resonate with your own story and open your eyes to some of the choices other women have made.

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