“How could you possibly understand?!” Mothers, daughters, communication and friendships…

“Things were different when you were young” says my daughter when I try to share my “wordly wisdom” with her.  I watch, from a distance, as she turns into a young woman. I watch her friendships come and go, or change.  I feel her heartbreak when her “BFF” decides that she has moved onto someone new.   I remember how the power struggle works between girls, deciding which girl they will “follow” or which group they aspire to “join”.  I try to provide her with advice that has been formed over many years and through learning from many mistakes. I try to shield her from the hurt my mistakes caused me. I try to save her feeling regret at the harsh words that come from our mouths when we lash out at someone who we feel has hurt us. I try to teach her that people don’t always say how they really feel and that often her friends are hurting just as much as she is, but are too scared to show it.  I try to tell her to be the better person when her friends are saying bad things to her or about her.   However, like many generations before, my daughter tells me that I “just wouldn’t understand”.

How to collect experiences not souvenirs on your next holiday

My husband and I made a deal years ago that when we travel we will focus on experiences rather than simply set out to tick off a list of famous sights. This decision has resulted in us forming some amazing memories and our kids learning so much more about local food and culture than they would simply rushing from one tourist attraction to the next. Continue reading How to collect experiences not souvenirs on your next holiday