Slow down! It’s your choice to be so busy!

We all have at least one (or more) friends who, no matter when you run into them, they almost always tell you how “busy” they are. I know I have been guilty of this myself…”Oh, I don’t know where the time goes!” I say as I start to rattle off the long list of things that seem to be taking up my time at any given moment. Often, if we are honest with ourselves, this state of “busy-ness” is self imposed. Whether it’s driven by demands from those around you, your own FOMO, or your simple inability to prioritise, the fact is, it’s your choice how you spend your time. Continue reading Slow down! It’s your choice to be so busy!

The Easy Way or the Right Way?

I asked myself this question today when faced with a seemingly mundane decision. Do I take the easy way, or the right way?

I used to think that being a strong woman meant always making a stand when you felt something was wrong. I now ask myself, is the strong woman the one who confronts the issue head on, or the one who is also strong enough to walk away? Continue reading The Easy Way or the Right Way?